Your Guide to Travel Nursing in Massachusetts

Are you looking for an interesting new assignment but not sure where to begin? Consider travel nursing in Massachusetts. As a state, it is home to some of the most important moments in our history as well as some of the most interesting things to do as a travel nurse.

Travel Nursing in Massachusetts


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts became the sixth state to join the new independent union in 1788. Even before that, Massachusetts has been a key location throughout history. The first battle of the American Revolution was fought at Lexington and Concord (1775) and the first American university was established in 1636 (Harvard, Cambridge).


In addition to fun and history, the hospitals are world-renowned. In fact, some of the country’s top medical facilities are located in Massachusetts. U.S. News ranks Massachusetts as the one of the best states for healthcare.

The Bay State came in first in health care access and fourth in public health. Think about highly ranked hospitals like Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, New England Baptist Hospital, McLean Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital.


Massachusetts is a geographically small state with lots of personality. Travel nurses can enjoy any of the major cities while exploring all the fantastic places nearby. As an added enticement, according to ZipRecruiter, travel nursing salaries in Boston are above the national average.

Top Destinations

Massachusetts isn’t a large state geographically speaking, but it is home to many thriving and fascinating cities. Here are a few of the top locations in the state to help narrow down your search for your next travel nursing destination.

  • Boston: Yes, we have to start our travel nursing list with Boston. Established in 1630, Boston has been the capital of Massachusetts since its founding. A major mecca for history buffs, Boston is famous for a lot of our nation’s firsts. However, the city is also known for its walkability, skyline, access to nature, and healthcare. Don’t let the accent sway you, there are 35 colleges in Boston alone, people there are “wicked smaht.”
  • Springfield: The “City of Firsts” has a lot to offer anyone, including travel nurses. It earned its moniker through a history of innovation including America’s first armory, the first American-made automobile, and the birthplace of basketball. Springfield is the perfect destination to explore all New England has to offer. The cost of living is lower than the state average so your travel nursing pay will go further.
  • Cambridge: Cambridge is considered part of the Greater Boston area and is best known for being home to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, there are more things to do in Cambridge than just study. Between the Natural History Museum and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, you can learn a lot without cracking a book open. You can take a riverboat cruise followed by some iconic theatre experiences if that’s more your interest.
  • Provincetown: Provincetown, not to be confused with Providence, RI, is located at the northern tip of Cape Cod. This quaint location is known as the land of lighthouses, lobster, and as one of the largest LGBT communities in the eastern US. It’s also a haven for artists and nature lovers. There are breathtaking beaches, bike trails, and even whale watching excursions to enjoy after your shift or on your days off.
  • Worcester: Worcester is actually located near the geographic center of Massachusetts and is known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth.” Worcester developed as an industrial city in the 19th century due to the Blackstone Canal and rail transport, producing machinery, textiles, and wire. Today, it’s known for its diverse immigrant population and varied communities that offer the best of both a big and small city.
  • Lowell: Lowell is seen by some to be the perfect example of scenic New England. It is home to many fascinating museums and is considered the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Lowell is also great for sports and nature lovers. From ice hockey to kayaking, or even just exploring some of the many unique parks, Lowell has some pretty amazing stories to tell.

Travel with Supplemental Health Care

If you are interested in an opportunity to experience one of the countries oldest states, travel nursing assignments are widely available in Massachusetts statewide. Travel nurses are always in high demand across the country, so check out our other travel destination spotlights to learn more or discuss your desired locations with your recruiter today!


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