Destination Spotlight: Alabama Joins the eNLC

As of January 1st this year, Alabama joined 31 other states in implementing the eNLC. The eNLC allows for registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPN/LVNs) to have one multistate license, with the ability to practice in person or via telehealth in both their home state and other eNLC states.

If you are looking for an interesting new place to live and work, don’t forget about the South, specifically Alabama. It has history, food, sites and loads of southern charm. There’s so much to do and see, so be sure to add this state to your travel destination list!

Things To Do in Alabama

Alabama is rich in American history sites and beautiful outdoor destinations. Multiple famous museums can keep your brain entertained on your days off, while pristine beaches can help you unwind when needed. There are countless spots to visit but here are a few you don’t want to miss.

US Space and Rocket Center

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is in Huntsville and the perfect attraction for all ages. As a Smithsonian affiliate, the center’s exhibits provide visitors with information on the fascinating study of outer space. It covers everything from the space race to the International Space Station. They even have a Rocket Park that’s home to 27 rockets and missiles on display, as well as the gigantic launch vehicles that propel them into space.

Holmes Medical Museum

This one is a little more off the beaten path but could be a perfect excursion for a traveling nurse. The Holmes Medical Museum is home to some fascinating historic medical artifacts. The museum is located in the former home of Baldwin County’s first hospital, 1936-1958. Many of the items on display are original equipment from the hospital’s serving days. You can find authentic medical artifacts including surgical instruments, operating room machinery and a human skeleton. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way but you can be the judge.

Civil Rights Memorial

Alabama was at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement and today it is home to the Civil Rights Memorial Center. This center honors the triumphs and tragedies that took place during the mid-20th century. Located in Montgomery, the Center is near the Alabama State Capitol, the Rosa Parks Museum and Dexter King Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. King served as pastor during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Spend the day learning about the pivotal moments in history and reflect on the power of activism.

Gulf Coast

A largely land locked state, Alabama still has some amazing beaches. Alabama’s shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico stretches for 60 miles. These are beautiful white sand beaches. According to The Encyclopedia of Alabama, “the tidal shoreline that borders all of the coastal bays, rivers, and bayous in Mobile and Baldwin counties extends another 600 miles, with the shoreline around Mobile Bay accounting for about 100 of those miles.” Plenty of places to explore or relax on your day off.

Food to Try in Alabama

History and beaches may not be your thing. That’s ok, Alabama has even more to offer. If you are a foodie, Alabama is famous for a lot of different kinds of food. From BBQ pulled pork to decadent desserts, Alabama really has a variety.


The first type of fare most people think of when you say Alabama, is southern. Southern food can be anything from pulled pork to fried pickles but it is almost always delicious and comforting. One of the most iconic southern dishes is pecan pie. Considering the pecan is the state nut for Alabama, it comes as no surprise this pie is loved and perfected. Spend a weekend trying pie in a few places, you won’t be disappointed.


Alabama has a direct line to fresh seafood via the Gulf Coast. Be sure to sample some local cuisine when visiting the beautiful beaches. From amazing oysters to fried catfish Alabama has a wide variety of delicious fresh seafood. Visit one of the many specialty restaurants in the area or pick up something fresh from the local market and try a new recipe.

Fine Dining

Whereas, Alabama is known for southern cuisine, there are also multiple 2020 James Beard Award Semifinalists all over the state. The Birmingham food scene is fancy and unique. From incredible seafood at Automatic Seafood and Oysters to a perfect French Bistro, Chez Fonfon, Birmingham has quite a variety.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Alabama

Whether you are a frequent traveler or ready for your first adventure as a travel nurse, consider Alabama for your next travel assignment. Supplemental Health Care has jobs throughout the state, so contact our recruiting team to find out more. Travel nursing is an incredibly exciting career that opens the doors to new cultures, food, and history. Where do you want to work next?

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