Choose Georgia for Your Next Travel Nursing Adventure

Maybe you are getting a little tired of the cold and thinking about a warmer destination for your next travel nursing destination. Take your adventures to Georgia where the weather is nice all year round and there are plenty of things to do on a 13-week contract.

The Best of Travel Nursing in Georgia


Georgia isn’t the biggest state but it does have a little bit of almost everything. This state has beaches, farmland, and mountain, all within approximately a day’s drive. In fact, you can drive the entire length of the state in about 6-7 hours, giving you plenty of time to explore all that Georgia has to offer.

Top Healthcare Facilities

Many different hospitals and healthcare systems call Georgia home. A few have national recognition for multiple specialties while many others held the classification of “High Performing” from the US News and World Reports list.

Competitive Pay

Travel nurses can find great assignments in Georgia, and high pay, especially in cities like Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah. According to ZipRecruiter, pay is comparable to the national average and travel nurses reported pay satisfaction compared to the cost of living.

Top Destinations in Georgia

Work/life balance is important, especially when picking out your next travel nursing assignment location. A few of the best cities for travel nurses in the state of Georgia are:

  • Atlanta: Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and one of the most famous cities in the south. It played an important role in the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and is a hub for many of the major hospital systems in Georgia. The Greater Atlanta area actually consists of dozens of cities making Atlanta the perfect place for variety. There are multiple museums, gardens, sports teams, and countless famous restaurants to try.
  • Decatur: Decatur is one of the “dozens of cities” in Atlanta and is one of the more walkable ones. You may even recognize it when you arrive from multiple movie and tv show sets. The downtown square ranks number #2 on 2021 USA TODAY’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel awards for Best Public Square. There are plenty of delicious restaurants and exciting events. It’s only six miles from downtown Atlanta and a quick drive to outdoor adventure in the North Georgia mountains.
  • Augusta: If you want to head a bit further east and you love golf, check out Augusta. Augusta is great for a lot of things but it is most well known for hosting the Masters Golf Tournament every year in April. However, there’s more to Augusta than just golf. It has an exquisite mix of history, outdoor activities, more than 100 restaurants, dozens of galleries and museums, and a plethora of live music and performing arts venues.
  • Columbus: Columbus is one of the westernmost cities in Georgia. Nestled along the Chattahoochee River, giving you numerous outdoor excursions to do on your days off. In addition to whitewater rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, and more, Columbus is also home to the National Civil War Naval Museum, the Coca-Cola Space Science Center as well as several galleries and theater companies.
  • Savannah: If history is fascinating to you, Savannah is where you need to be. Famously, Union General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground during the Civil War. When he arrived in Savannah, the city’s beauty inspired him to spare it and it’s just as beautiful today. Savannah is a coastal city known for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriage, antebellum architecture, and southern hospitality.
  • Milledgeville: Milledgeville is by far the smallest of these cities but it also represents some of the joys of smaller town southern life. It is one of the state’s oldest cities and was previously used as the state capital in the 1800s. Milledgeville is a charming southern town with a college vibe that has an eclectic mix of locally-owned shops and dining options. The perfect escape from everyday hustle and bustle.

Travel Nursing Jobs in Georgia

Start packing your bags for any of these exciting Georgia locations! As an added bonus, traveling to Georgia as a nurse is easier since it’s part of the eNLC. If you have a Compact license, you can find your next assignment even faster! If Georgia is on your mind, we’re ready to get you started on your travel nursing assignment.