Care More Spotlight: Undeterred by the Pandemic

Over the past several months, we have all read about and heard stories of the incredible work being done by healthcare professionals around the country and world. They are on the front lines of our battle against the COVID-19 virus. For our Care More Spotlight, we are recognizing one of those healthcare heroes who has gone above and beyond, not only during the pandemic but throughout her entire career. Glynis is a Certified Respiratory Therapist and has been on assignment at a state residential facility near St. Louis, since July of 2019. The facility is home to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

As COVID-19 began spreading throughout the U.S., this particular state facility was hit hard by the virus.  Typically, the residents of the facility are served by three to four respiratory therapists, but due to COVID-19, all but Glynis have been out of work. Undeterred, Glynis has completely rearranged her work shifts to ensure that she is covering the highest priority residents. She has been tirelessly working six days a week, taking care of her residents and training new staff that were brought in to help out. Anyone who has ever known or worked with Glynis will tell you that her heroic efforts are nothing new. A tireless worker, she has always been flexible and selfless in putting her patients first.

“I love my job,” she explains.  “I enjoy helping people breathe easier and also teaching them how to live with asthma.”

Glynis has been a CRT for the past 14 years. She began her healthcare career as a certified nurse assistant.  After her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, she pursued respiratory therapy in order to help treat her mother’s breathing problems.

With the continuing dangers presented by COVID-19, the facility remains on isolation lock down, meaning Glynis has to utilize every precaution to protect herself from contracting the virus, and also ensure that she isn’t endangering her patients. Like so many healthcare workers today, Glynis is working countless hours covered head-to-toe in personal protective equipment. All of these necessary precautions may add a level of difficulty to an already challenging job, you will never hear Glynis complain. Her approach has always been to do whatever it takes to make sure her patient gets the treatment they need to feel better.

Supplemental Health Care is proud to have Glynis as a representative for the clients we are serving.  She has been working contracts on and off for SHC for the past 14 years and we are thrilled to recognize her as the Care More Spotlight award winner for April. We all look forward to the day that the pandemic is behind us, but for now, we are fortunate to have healthcare professionals like Glynis caring for those in need.

If you would like to learn more about how Supplemental Health Care can help you take your career to the next level, contact our recruitment team today. You can also read more Care More Spotlight features on the blog!

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