Care More Spotlight: The Carolina Care Champion

If you were ever to ask Luxley Daniels, RN why he chose a career in healthcare, he would probably tell you that it’s the family business. Luxley, an RN since 2003, joins an uncle, his aunts, and his sisters who have all chosen a career in healthcare. Caring for others is in his DNA!

Luxley Daniels approaches his work every day as a new opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Like the time he found out about a family whose main provider was about to be hospitalized, and they were worried about where their next meal was going to come from. Luxley reached out to the administrators of the hospital he was working at and secured funds from the Bon Secours Foundation ensuring that the family would have money to live on while their loved one was recuperating in the hospital.

Luxley works in the Emergency Department at Nash UNC Health Care and recently earned the honor of being named a Carolina Care Champion based on feedback from both his patients and colleagues at the hospital. For his patients, Luxley continually demonstrates compassionate care and is always ready to lend a helping hand to his colleagues. From holding a patient’s hand and alleviating their concerns and fears, to taking the newest med school graduates under his wing and giving them the confidence to get the job done, Luxley is always there for everyone he meets.

Photo Courtesy of Rocky Mount Telegram

While others may see it as going above and beyond the call of duty, Luxley will say that he is just doing his best to make people feel good about themselves. He makes it a point to never walk by a room if someone needs something, a colleague or a patient. If he sees a co-worker in need of assistance, he jumps right in with a helping hand and will even take care of their other patients until they are caught up.

Hearing about all of the instances leading Luxley to earn such widespread recognition, it is clear to see why he is an outstanding nurse. His compassionate care and exceptional work in the emergency department truly demonstrates SHC’s “Care More” spirit. Congratulations Luxley and thank you for all that you do!