Care More Spotlight: Living His Dream

For the past seven years, James Conner, a licensed vocational nurse, has been following his dreams of being a care provider. In the years he has been employed as an LVN, James has worked in a multitude of care settings, including long term care, long term acute care, psychiatric hospitals, emergency rooms, and on medical surgical units.

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“Healthcare has always been my passion,” he explains. “I knew that my dreams of helping people get well would turn into a career that I love.”

As you might expect for someone who enjoys his career as much as James, it is routine for Supplemental Health Care to receive glowing feedback about him from the facilities he is working with. James receives compliments wherever he works, and even clients who rarely allow overtime will make an exception and offer it to James because he is so integral to their staff. He has proven to be an extremely hard worker and willingly takes on all assignments throughout Texas and Louisiana.

“James is an exceptional LVN and consistently exceeds the expectations of every client,” says his SHC staffing manager, Helen Royston. “He always has a positive attitude and easily adapts to the changing needs of our clients. He is very caring and goes above and beyond for everyone, including our clients and his patients.”

While on a recent assignment at a correctional facility, a 19-year old patient came into the emergency clinic complaining that he was having trouble breathing. James overheard him speaking with the triage nurse who had past experience with this particular patient. He heard her tell him he was fine and should return to his cell and rest. James noticed that the patient’s demeanor was off and quickly intervened when the young man began exhibiting signs of irritation. James introduced himself to the patient and offered to listen to his lungs just to be sure nothing was wrong.

Upon examination, James found that the patient had no air movement in his left chest and was suffering from a collapsed lung. After the patient was transported to the local hospital, the triage nurse began apologizing to James for not giving the patient the benefit of the doubt. In typical fashion, James replied, “There is no need to apologize. We work as a team, and sometimes it takes two to get the job done.”

“What keeps me going is the love I have for my career,” James said in talking about his Care More Spotlight nomination. “It is an amazing feeling to be able to help people on a daily basis. I can’t think of a better way to help others than to be right by their bedside, giving them direct care.”

James has been with Supplemental Health Care since 2018 and considers himself blessed to be part of such a great team. He appreciates the variety of assignments he gets to choose from and feels like it allows him to continually learn new skills.

Congratulations James on your well-deserved nomination and Care More Spotlight win for July! We are lucky to have you on our team!

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