Care More Spotlight: Encouraging Others to Succeed

For the past two years, Kathryn Bell has been working as a compliance associate for Supplemental Health Care. Part of her job is to ensure nurses and healthcare professionals pass all of their required compliance exams before they can start their assignments. As a former teacher, Kathryn utilizes all of the skills she cultivated in her past career. She makes sure healthcare professionals are prepared for their assignments and encourages them through the process.

And with a teaching background, she knows how frustrating it can be when someone is giving it their all, and just can’t seem to make it work during a test. Recently, Samantha Evans, Senior Recruiting Director for Supplemental Health Care, shared a story about Kathryn coaching a nurse through a difficult compliance exam.

There was an opening at a facility and there was a requirement that all nurses assigned to work there had to score 100% on a very difficult, timed exam. The nurse being placed just barely missed a perfect score on her first attempt and felt anxious about retaking it. This challenging test requires the nurse to correctly answer 50 questions in 50 minutes. To help the nurse prepare, Kathryn found additional study materials for her and sent her words of encouragement to build up her spirits.

Before the nurse retook the exam, Samantha reached out to her to wish her luck. The nurse went out of her way to rave about how much Kathryn had helped her through the process. She said Kathryn was the best compliance associate she had ever worked with and had supported her with encouragement and responsiveness. The talent achieved the perfect score on her second attempt and was assigned to the open position!

“I truly believe that without Kathryn being there as a cheerleader, this could have ended differently,” Samantha explained. “This is also not uncommon. Kathryn goes above and beyond with her talent. She shows support, compassion, and validation regarding their time. Her communication style is amazing!”

In recognition of this example and so many others where Kathryn has embodied the “Care More” spirit, Samantha nominated her for the Care More Spotlight award. In her nomination, Samantha also shared several messages that Kathryn sent to the talent she had supported including encouragement and advice in preparation and excitement after she passed.

“No tears, take your time, look through your study guide, and then tackle the exam! I had a professor in college that insisted spicy food helps get your brain going, so treat yourself to your favorite spicy food.


Kathryn takes the Care More Spotlight recognition in stride. “I treat others how I want to be treated,” she explained after learning she won the award. “I know if I was trying to get all my ducks in a row to get to work, I would want someone there to help me corral them!”

Whether you are a healthcare professional or work in recruiting or compliance, Supplemental Health Care can offer you connections in your career to help fuel miraculous moments in healthcare. Search for your next opportunity and find out how a Culture of Caring can make all the difference!

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