Care More Spotlight: A Daisy Award Winner

Sarah Bird has been a Registered Nurse for the past 16 years, having worked in different settings across the spectrum of care. When asked recently about why she chose healthcare as a profession, she jokingly responded, “because everyone was doing it!” Then, in seriousness, she replied, “I wanted to help people and provide them with some comfort during a difficult situation.”

Based on her performance, even if everyone had chosen healthcare as a career, few would be able to provide the quality of care that she has over the years. Her skills and compassion were never more evident than recently when she received The Daisy Award after being nominated by one of her patients. The Daisy Award is an honor bestowed upon exceptional nurses around the country in recognition of clinical excellence, compassionate care, and patient-centered service.

In the nominating letter, Sarah’s patient wrote, “I would like to express my sincerest gratitude towards Sarah for taking the time to explain everything and for spending quality time with me. She is clearly very passionate and honest, and you can tell she has her heart in her career. She was always very professional and super respectful, and she always smiled as she took great care of me. She is one amazing nurse and should be recognized!”

It is not surprising that Sarah makes such an impact on her patients, as she truly loves the work that she is doing. “I love to bring a smile and sense of peace to my patients. Easing their anxiety while they are going through a challenging time can be quite uplifting and fulfilling. It brings me a sense of perspective and purpose.”

Sarah always finds a way to put those in her care at ease. A perfect example of that is the time one of her patients was having a really rough night and “just wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” for some comfort food. Sarah hunted down the necessary items and brought them a toasted PBJ. Just that simple act of compassion made all the difference and helped the patient get through a difficult night.

All of us at Supplemental Health Care are proud of having a remarkable nurse like Sarah on our team, and apparently, the feeling is mutual. Sarah described what she enjoys most about working for SHC, “I love having a greater sense of control over my career and the ability to call the shots while being supported by an amazing team. My recruiter is top notch and always keeps me engaged. When extra support is needed, other staff are eager to jump in and help out. You really feel supported!”

Congratulations to Sarah on her Daisy Award recognition and thank you for being such a great ambassador for Supplemental Health Care.

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