Working Tourist: Always Finding a Way Back Home

Alexandra Lundy has been traveling as a Speech-Language Pathologist for three years now.  She decided to begin taking travel assignments because she has always enjoyed moving around and exploring new areas.  Her career as a “working tourist” has given her the opportunity to spend time in new cities, meet new people, and work in different school settings, and when the assignment is over, she loves being able to come back home and spend time with her family and friends for a while.

“Being a travel therapist has given me the freedom to work in many different settings,” she explains. “The variety and change has always kept me refreshed.”

In addition to enjoying the travel aspect of her job, Alexandra loves being able to work with children.  She has worked in early childhood and also Elementary school settings.  Working with different children who are at different language levels has been very fulfilling for her.

When deciding where she wants to go for a travel assignment, Alexandra always checks out the maps to find out about the state or national parks that are available within driving distance.  Spending her time off outdoors has always been a part of traveling that Alexandra has enjoyed.  When she isn’t exploring the outdoors, she loves getting a sense of the community where she is working.  She will search out different restaurants and make it a point to meet as many new people as she can. One of her favorite assignments so far has been in St. Louis.  While there, she was able to explore all of the parks and also had the extra benefit of being close enough to home so she could still spend some time with her family. 

“Traveling has provided me with so many experiences.  I have met amazing co-workers and so many wonderful people in the communities. Every day of an assignment is an exciting new adventure.”

Planning ahead, Alexandra is looking to spend another assignment in the mountains.  She wants to spend the winter snowboarding the slopes and soaking up as much scenery as possible.

When asked to give some advice to anyone who might be considering a travel career, her response was not surprising based on her personal experiences. “Just do it!  It can be intimidating at first, but it opens up so many doors for new opportunities and growth as a professional!”

For more information about exciting travel opportunities with Supplemental Health Care, contact us to speak with a recruitment professional.

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